Examples of Past Projects

Want to see some projects we have made in the past? Check out some examples of our three services below!
  • 1950's Bubblegum Machine Re-creation

    A working model of a bubblegum from the 1950's for a vintage restaurant.

  • Industrial Tooling Organizers

    Organizers that save time, money, and frustration for businesses of all types.

  • Consumer Product Prototypes

    This client had a unique hairbrush design. We created a physical mockup of the final product so the customer could assess before mass manufacturing.

  • Product Signs

    3-dimensional signs that make a business truly unique and noticeable.

  • Custom Caps or Shot Glasses

    These two products were designed for local distilleries. The top images are caps retrofitted for a lighthouse-shaped liquor bottle and the bottom were caps that double as shot glasses!

  • Industrial Form Gripper

    Industrial tooling that saves the time and use of much more expensive machining equipment.

  • Branded Merchandise

  • Dashboard Insert

    Custom dashboard replacements for an automotive restoration company.

  • Vintage Trim Recreation for Historic Train Rebuild

    Recreating decorative trim circa 1905 found throughout a train rebuild for the Alberta Train Museum.

  • Pinball Machine Targets

    Hillforther Solutions supplies these for almost all Arcades in Alberta. Pinball machine targets were originally made in the 80's and are difficult to find, so we printed some for them!

  • Dishwasher Valve

    Instead of replacing an entire dishwasher because they don't manufacture the piece anymore, Hillforther Solutions printed this dishwasher valve!

  • Garage Door Hinge

    This is a garage door hinge they don't manufacture anymore. Hillforther Solutions printed one so the garage can still be used for years to come!

  • Poker Table Trays

    A local casino couldn't find any trays that would fit their poker table. Hillforther Solutions was commissioned to develop additional poker table trays based off of the few they had that fit their tables.

  • Yarn Spindle

    Created and supplied a spindle for a custom wool shop's antique spinning machine.

  • Aquatic Water-Fountain Nozzles

    Supplying a fountain manufacturer with a reliable and local source of components for production.

  • CN Tower Planter

    Hillforther Solutions developed a planter in the design of a CN Tower.

  • Custom Dollhouse Components

  • Custom Gifts

    "Hillforther printed and painted an incredible 3D map of Vancouver Island, including ocean topography. The details were amazing, and incredible instructive when I talk to other boaters about ocean tides.

    Outstanding work!"

    - Google Review, Robert Huizinga

  • 3D Printed Models of Any Building

    Hillforther Solutions 3D printed this 3D model of a home for a client. This one was made into a dice tower (great for family game nights!)

    Get Your Home 3D Printed 
  • Gopher Banks

    Ever heard of a piggy bank?

    Well this bank wanted to get away from the classics and Hillforther Solutions was commissioned to create a piggy bank in the shape of their mascot, a gopher!