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Hillforther Designs creates things that matter to people. We are experienced engineers and product designers who focus on creating things that have value and significance for you.

We love taking things that matter to you and presenting them as an interactive experience.

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The Process

Select a Product

Select either a pre-made or custom product that you'd like 3D Printed!

Select / Provide Model

If you choose a pre-made product, great! Choose which building you want.

If it's a custom product, provide some information so we can get it just right!

Wait for it to arrive!

Pay for your 3D model and enter your shipping information at checkout.

Then hang tight while the model is printed and sent straight to your doorstep!

Hillforther printed and painted an incredible 3D map of Vancouver Island, including ocean topography. The details were amazing, and incredible instructive when I talk to other boaters about ocean tides. Outstanding work!

Robert Huizinga

I have done business with Hillforther Solutions several times and I would be hard-pressed to find a better 3D printing business with which to interact. Hillforther Solutions provides significant value to individual customizable 3D printed items of various sizes and shapes. In addition, they have friendly customer service and are always very transparent in my interactions with them. They go the extra mile to ensure your products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Alex Forrest

I was amazed by how detailed everything was, and how quickly he was able to create it. James is incredibly creative, a clear communicator and a joy to work with. If you have any 3D Printing ideas, don't hesitate to reach out. I highly recommend his services!

Brittany Miller

Hillforther Designs

Leduc, AB, Canada

Call: 780-680-4217

Email: james@hillforthersolutions.com

Facebook: Hillforther Solutions