Product & Industrial Design

Product Design is where we help you create a product of any kind that you can sell.

Industrial Design is where we create a tool of some kind for your business to use.

What is Product & Industrial Design?

We touch on what we do here at Hillforther Studios with this fun product example in the video series below.

The next video is a quick overview of the phases of the product/industrial design process.

What makes Hillforther Solutions unique is that you can hire us to do any part of the design and manufacturing process.

You may not be ready to commit a lot of time and money to an idea that you are not completely confident in. We make it easier for you by taking it one step at a time.

An Overview of the Hillforther Process

This video touches on our process for developing your idea into something that you would be proud to sell.

Developing YOUR Idea!

  • 1950's Bubblegum Machine Re-creation

    A working model of a bubblegum machine from the 1950's for a vintage restaurant.

  • Industrial Tooling Organizers

    Organizers that save time, money, and frustration for businesses of all types.

  • Custom Cookie Cutter

    A customized cookie cutter for a Portuguese bakery that makes cookies in the shape of Portugal.

  • Product Signs

    3-dimensional signs that make a business truly unique and noticeable.

  • Custom Caps & Shot Glasses

    These two products were designed for local distilleries. The top images are caps retrofitted for a lighthouse-shaped liquor bottle and the bottom were caps that double as shot glasses!

  • Industrial Form Gripper

    Industrial tooling that saves the time and use of much more expensive machining equipment.

  • Branded Merchandise

  • Dashboard Insert

    Custom dashboard replacements for an automotive restoration company.

  • Decorative Trim for Antique Train Rebuild

    Recreating decorative trim circa 1905 found throughout train rebuild for the Alberta Train Museum.

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