Recreating and Supplying Hard to Find Products

Do you have a product with a piece they don't manufacture anymore? We can help you replicate that piece so you can keep using the product for years to come. 


You don't want to buy a new garage door opener when you simply need a new hinge that isn't supplied anymore.

We are strong believers in "the right to repair." 

  • Pinball Machine Targets

    Hillforther Solutions supplies these for almost all Arcades in Alberta. Pinball machine targets were originally made in the 80's and are difficult to find, so we printed some for them!

  • Dishwasher Valve

    Instead of replacing an entire dishwasher because they don't manufacture the piece anymore, Hillforther Solutions printed this dishwasher valve!

  • Garage Door Hinge

    This is a garage door hinge they don't manufacture anymore. Hillforther Solutions printed one so the garage can still be used for years to come!

  • Poker Table Tray

    A local casino couldn't find any trays that would fit their poker table. Hillforther Solutions was commissioned to develop additional poker table trays based off of the few they had that fit their tables.

  • Aquatic Water-Fountain Nozzles

    Supplying a fountain manufacturer with a reliable and local source of components for production.

  • Yarn Spindle

    Created and supplied a spindle for a custom wool shop's antique spinning machine.

Ready To Get Started?

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