3D Printing Services

Professional grade models that are scaled, painted, textured, and functional.

Years of experience allow us to create models used in corporate presentations, museums, theatres, movie production, and more!

See some examples of our past work below. 

  • 3D Printed Models of Any Building

    Hillforther Solutions 3D printed this 3D model of a home for a client. This one was made into a dice tower (great for family game nights!)

    Get Your Home 3D Printed 
  • CN Tower Planter

    Hillforther Solutions developed a planter in the design of a CN Tower.

  • Custom Gifts

    "Hillforther printed and painted an incredible 3D map of Vancouver Island, including ocean topography. The details were amazing, and incredible instructive when I talk to other boaters about ocean tides.

    Outstanding work!"

    - Google Review, Robert Huizinga

  • Gopher Banks

    Ever heard of a piggy bank?

    Well this bank wanted to get away from the classics and Hillforther Solutions was commissioned to create a piggy bank in the shape of their mascot, a gopher!

Have an Idea?

Please reach out to us and we would be happy to give you a free consultation before committing to a 3D Printing Project.