Hillforther Solutions

Hillforther designers are experienced engineers and master craftsmen that design and build products in Canada that make a difference in your business and your life.

We use 3D printing and machining to create tools for your business to use or products for you to sell.

Interested in Seeing Some Product Examples We Have Made in the Past?

We focus on making custom-design and manufacturing accessible and sustainable for all situations.

We have made products for nearly all applications.

From heavy-duty industrial tools used by millwrights to decorative products featured in museums!

See Some Past Projects
  • Industrial & Product Design

    We can help you create something to sell or help you to build a tool to support your own business.

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  • Recreating and Supplying Hard to Find Products

    Have something you want copies of? Something that isn't manufactured anymore you need to keep your existing product working for years to come?

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  • 3D Printing Services

    Have an idea for something you want 3D printed but don't have the tools to make it happen? We can help you and we are excited to hear what you have in your creative mind.

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